I'm a player, looking for a club

Great! So, what happens next?
1) Send us your resume

We want to know everything about you. So we can go to clubs and convince them it’s YOU they need in their team. Don’t be shy!

2) Fill out our form

We have our Application Form. We ask a lot of details, but we need to know what you want. Add photos, and maybe you have videos of your skills. Add them!

3) Keep an eye on your inbox

So, now it’s up to us at SportExpat! We will take all your information to clubs and find the perfect match. We will give you regular updates via email. That’s a promise!

I'm a club, looking for a player

Fantastic! So, where do we start?

Please fill out the Club Application Form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

The Team

At SportExpat, everyone loves sport. And we're also real people-people. We like to look after people, especially people from other countries and cultures because we all love travelling the world, too.
Jeroen Westermann
Heath Simpson
Australian Fieldhockey player Defender Passionate


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More details

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